Hope and despair in pictures

If you google “define despair,” you’ll find the following:

Despair: 1. n– the complete loss or absence of hope; 2. v — lose or be without hope.

Ergo, “hope” could be defined as the absence of despair, wouldn’t you agree? They are yin or yang, positive or negative, Cubs or White Sox — in other words, polar opposites.

The other day we finally got a little dose of hope. Blue skies, warm sunshine and the above freezing temperatures gave us this:

Hope is almost green grass.

Hope is almost green grass.

I know, I know — for us in the Midwest, the sight of brownish grass with a hint of green was almost too much. But when you looked closer, there was an even clearer wonder to behold:

Hope is tulip bulbs sprouting.

Hope is tulip bulbs sprouting.

Along the edge of the flowerbed, the tulips were starting to peek through. These are those tulipsthe ones we got for free and shoved into the ground, not knowing if they were ever going to come up or be eaten by foraging chipmunks and squirrels. I almost wept with sheer joy.

That was Tuesday.

Yesterday we awoke to this:



The baby tulips are covered again, as is the almost green grass. In one day we swung on the pendulum that is Spring — from warm, living hope to cold, icy despair.

It’ll melt. It has to melt. Right?

If you had to choose a photo to represent hope and despair, what would you choose? My second choice would be a lovely, untouched deep-dish pizza (hope) and an empty, grease-stained pizza box (clearly despair.) 


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6 Responses to Hope and despair in pictures

  1. I am right there with you – when is it going to melt? I am beginning to feel like a crazy person. I was outside on Tuesday enjoying the almost 60 degree weather, and this morning was 9 degrees and snowy. Go away, winter!

  2. Lynne says:

    I tried to get a picture of the little sprouts popping up. Now they are no where to be found…unless snow really, truly melts.

  3. We haven’t even had a glimpse of hope yet…still about 3 feet of snow and ice on the ground and more to come. This really does feel like the longest winter ever…

  4. I went to NC last weekend, enjoyed warm weather, and apparently lost my heavy coat wearing skills. Because when I got the airport to go home to NYC, I realized that I left this important item behind. With hope in my heart, I thought maybe I could survive early March with my lighter jacket. Then I saw our forecast for this past Wednesday on the news. It had one word under the day: BRUTAL. Lol…it could’ve easily said :DESPAIR. So I went out and bought another heavy coat. I heard this morning that we may have snow flurries on St. Patrick’s Day. Make it stop!

  5. Sending you some warmth and sunshine from Southern California Joan!! Keep up the Hope!

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