The paczki cometh

On Saturday we hit meteorological spring, and then we promptly got 5 more inches of snow followed by subzero temps.

It wasn’t even the heart attack snow of late winter/early spring — you know, the kind that’s part snow, part slush, and all heartbreak? At least with that, you know that spring is almost here. No, this was just another bout of snow, stacked up even higher on the frozen drifts. This whole winter has been like a blizzard in slow-motion.

But here we are, allegedly in somewhat spring. I’ve been on the lookout for clues that we’re going to turn the tide on this never-ending winter, without much luck. But there are a precious few, including:

1. The birds are back, but they’re sleeping in. I’ve heard a woodpecker and seen a cardinal — clear signs of spring. I’ve actually heard all sorts of birds chirping and it’s so striking to hear, given it’s not even 15 degrees outside. Usually around this time of the year we start hearing them at 4:30-4:45 a.m. Not so much now. I think they’re just too freaked out by the cold. Instead, they huddle miserably on the electric wires like commuters waiting for a bus.

2. The sun is sticking around a little longer. Have you noticed that 5 p.m. looks more like 3:30? I was a little thrown by this discrepancy of where I think the sun should be at any given time, but then I realized it’s about to get a whole lot worse when we turn the clocks ahead on Saturday night. Oh boy.

3. It’s time for the triumphant return of the paczki. Just when the weather seems its bleakest around here, that’s when the paczki show up. I’ve written about our love of these jelly-donut-like creations before.

Oh, delicious paczki!

Oh, delicious paczki!

[An aside: don’t call them a jelly donut. Early in my marriage, I made that mistake in front of my 100% Polish mother-in-law. Oh, I got such a look.] Even if the thermometer indicates the need for snow pants, hats, gloves, scarves and the rest of the winter gear, paczki are a sure sign of spring.

Dancing paczki on the box

Dancing paczki on the box

Now if we could just get to 40 degrees….

Have you seen any signs of spring in your corner of the world? 


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3 Responses to The paczki cometh

  1. rgemom says:

    Our plum tree and grapevines are starting to sprout leaves and flowers! But then, I live in CA so we haven’t had much winter as it is.

  2. Only snow. And more snow…

  3. Lynne says:

    I have seen a robin, heard a woodpecker and enjoyed more daylight when the sun decides to break out. Now if the sub-zero temps would go away….enjoy the paczki! We will!!

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