The 2013 scorecard

Back at the beginning of the year, I spelled out my resolutions and hopes for 2013. As we stand in this doorway of exiting the old year and entering the new, I’m all for starting out fresh with a clean slate — but only after I reconcile my 2013 promises with their reality.

Resolved: Read more.
I definitely read more this year, thanks in part to an e-reader. After much dithering (mostly on my part), we as a family jumped into the wonderful world of e-readers and have never looked back. Luddite that I am, I thought I would miss the sensation of holding a book or turning the pages. How wrong I was. For nonfiction, I still head to the library, but I’ve found that novels checked out from my library’s online portal are almost too accessible and easy to read. Especially late at night.

Resolved: Eat better.
I still fall into the trap of making the same 5 dishes over and over, but at least they are 5 different recipes than last year. I think it all comes down to the ease of making something that you’ve made 700 times before and can do completely by rote. New meals require a lot more checking the recipe and other pesky things like measuring (shudder). I can slap together a crock pot of shredded chicken in about 5 minutes flat (and that’s before I’ve had coffee).

Interestingly, our family made a move toward eating more vegetarian this year. My oldest will happily drink a daily green smoothie containing spinach, dates, soy milk, blueberries, banana and flaxseed — as long as there’s a bit of cocoa powder in it to make it taste chocolatey. This year in our house, black beans are the new chicken, and quinoa is the new rice.

Of course, we still eat waaaay too much sugar. Baby steps, you know.

Resolved: Get organized.
We sorted the wreck of an office — I can at least do work in there — but we’re far from finished. Right now, the kids are building out some new IKEA storage cubes to tame the Legos and board games and whatnot that clutter our family room. This time of year always makes me want to rip apart some room, throw out the stuff, paint and start over. Is it the winter blues? Is it a reaction to the influx of Christmas gifts or the need to start the new year all clean and organized, shiny and spiffed up? Whatever it is — I am chomping at the bit to “de-Christmas” the house, store all the decorations away for another year, and move on to some DIY project that I would get tired of in 4 hours.

Perhaps I’ll just work on sorting through the laundry for now. Sigh.

Resolved: Knit faster.
I had amazing plans this year for knitting. I was going to make socks for everyone in my family, maybe a sweater that would finally fit me, and gloves for me and my husband.


I did manage to make Louie the Wonder Pup a cute dog sweater (thank goodness he’s a little dog!) and socks for my mom. I knit a lovely scarf and hat for me to wear. I’m still working on socks for C, but I figure I’ve got until midnight on New Year’s Eve to crank those out. Heh.

I still think that planning to knit Christmas gifts throughout the year is a good goal. Who knows? 2014 brings a whole new load of quality TV (and therefore knitting) time, with the return of Downton Abbey, Sherlock and the Winter Olympics.

Resolved: Sleep more.
Did. Not. Happen. But then again, is anyone really surprised by this?

I’ll be back in this space on Thursday, after we ring in the New Year and put to rest the old one. All the best to you and yours in 2014!

How did you do on your 2013 resolutions? And are you making any new ones for 2014?

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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3 Responses to The 2013 scorecard

  1. amyp22 says:

    If I made in for 2013, I don’t remember what they were. My resolutions for this next year are to organize what is considered the laundry room but really a hallway and to unpack the boxes on our basement that were packed in 2008 and have been moved four times. Last but not least, I’d really like to blog more.

    • Hoping that you get unpacked and settled into your new home (I realize, though, that I read on your blog that you moved a few months ago, so I’m also hoping that you like your new place).

      I think you and I are simpatico on the whole dread for the laundry/laundry room. Ugh.

      And I love your blog posts — so if you can find time to blog more (which I know is tough), I’ll be reading!

      Best to you and yours!

      • amyp22 says:

        Thanks! I really enjoyed NWIN. I guess it felt more like I home having been from IN. We’re on our second stay in Ohio. Not a bad place. The schools are just not as good and they focus on art and music. We’re more of a math, science, and English kind of family.

        Happy New Year, Joan!

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