Pre-concert drill

We’re in the midst of the gamut known as The Holiday Concert Season. If you have kids in music programs, you’ll recognize the pre-concert drill:

    • What time do we have to be there?
    • What row are you in? Is that on the left or the right side of the gym? 
    • Where’s your music? 
    • Do you have dress shoes that fit?
    • Has anyone seen the camera? 
    • So let’s go over it again. If I’m sitting in the audience, looking at the stage, where exactly are you standing? 
    • Maybe you can squeeze your toes into those again? Are you sure?
    • You left your music at school? Well, can’t you just get it before the concert starts? No?
    • Quick, we’re gonna be late! Hurry! Wait, why don’t you have on shoes?

And you know what? When the music starts, all the craziness fades away. There’s just something about seeing kids playing or singing their hearts out that kicks off the holidays for me.

Maybe it’s because I think that someday, they might be a part of something magical like this:

That’s the US Air Force Band performing one of the most awesome flash mobs ever at the National Air and Space Museum last week. Bring on the concerts, the cameras and the kleenex — it’s holiday concert time!

Got kids performing in school shows this season? 

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4 Responses to Pre-concert drill

  1. Micha says:

    Were you listening to our conversation tonight?? haha. I agree – there’s nothing like it. I always get all choked up hear them play or sing. Good luck to your performers!

  2. go Mama O says:

    wow – amazing flash mob concert!

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