One of these things is not like the others — holiday edition

One of my favorite memories from childhood is watching Sesame Street and playing the sing-song game where you try to pick out what object/person/thing is different from the rest of the group.

So let’s play our holiday version, shall we? Everybody, sing along with me:

“One of these things is not like the others….”

huge Christmas tree

A. A giant Christmas tree decorated to the hilt

“One of these things just doesn’t belong….”

big santa

B. An inflatable Santa Claus decoration, suitable for any front yard

“Can you tell which thing is not like the others…. ”

weird ornament

C. A weird ornament to decorate the Christmas tree (photo credit: my husband S)

“By the time I finish this song?”

dark house

D. A dark house without Christmas lights in an otherwise festive neighborhood

Did you guess D, the dark house? If so, you are correct and my husband is mortified.

You see, last year we (and by “we” I mean my husband S, his frozen hands and my good thoughts from inside the house) put up some serious Christmas lights. It took days in November. Days. But it made the holiday statement that he wanted to make.

This year? Well, I’m not sure what happened to our November weekends this year, but they sure weren’t spent putting up lots of lights.

I didn’t think we’d miss it. There’s only a couple of weeks until Christmas anyway, the thought process went. Why drag all that stuff out in the rain and cold now when we’ll just have to turn around and take it all down again?

Not putting up the lights was a logical, rational decision. And we’re already regretting it.

Because really, is there ever a logical, rational reason to bedazzle your house with colorful lights in the coldest part of the year? Of course not. It’s just fun and whimsical and festive and joyful.

I predict we’ll be out there this weekend. Look for us clinging to the aluminum extension ladder and muttering swear words as we try to untangle cords and secure plastic clips to the very edge of our roofline. Good times.

Have you lit up your house this year or has the weather not cooperated with your plans? And how long do you leave your outside decorations up? Do you take them down right after New Year’s or do you stretch it into February? 


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6 Responses to One of these things is not like the others — holiday edition

  1. Inside comes down usually New Year’s Day, outside when it won’t kill you to do it, lol

  2. Besides the fact that the weather is harsh here this time of year, my husband and I are also wimps. So what we do is put two lit trees in our bay windows upstairs and down, and candle lights in a couple others. Done! 😉

  3. We usually get one unseasonably warm weekend in November when the lights go up. We turn them on for the whole month of December, and then they don’t come down until the snow melts…March? April? You never know!

    • We missed our November window. I think we had a nice warmish afternoon, but we hesitated…and got a dark house to show for it. I just threw up some lights a couple days ago to give it a little more sparkle. Nothing like last year though.

      I love “the lights come down when the snow melts” rule of thumb. Nothing is worth going out there in the bitter cold!

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