What I’m thankful for: grandparents and cinnamon rolls

To everyone in the States, hope you are enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving. I thought that I’d share a post I wrote last year about what I’m thankful for, if for no other reason than I am even more thankful for my parents as the years pass. Enjoy!

the thing about joan...

Collectively Creative Thankful edition

I’m sure you’ve heard that old quip about how children don’t come with their own instruction manuals. That’s true, but mine came with something better — grandparents.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to my folks for providing me a parenting road-map of sorts. It’s a complex map, to be sure, folded over and over on itself like a Gordian knot: not only do I remember their parenting tactics and how I as a child felt about the rules, I can now talk to them about their side. About their concerns and worries as parents that I never realized when I was growing up.

Turns out that all along they were giving me some tools that I’ve tucked away in my mothering emergency kit. Things that I reach for when I’m grasping for the right approach or answer. Little constants throughout my childhood that I now think made…

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