Space…. the final frontier

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, I’m M. I’m giving my mom the week off because it’s her anniversary week. And since this is my last post (for now), it has to be spectacular. Elegant. Perfect. Although right now, I’m exhausted and have writer’s block. So it’s time for some therapy.

I’ve got a problem.

It’s not a life altering issue, but it’s still annoying.

I’m out of room.

It started in 4th grade with the instruments. Young, careless, innocent me decided to play the violin. That was boring. I mean, you get that melody and stuff, but your arms get tired. A wimpy excuse, I know, but still valid. So the next year I dropped the violin and upgraded to a cello. You know, basically a bigger violin. And got an oboe. I found that I loved those two instruments. This was 5th grade. Then my band director asked if I wanted to play in the middle school jazz band on saxophone the next year, and things started going downhill.

And with these instruments comes all the stuff: music stands, band hats and marching shoes, cool bow ties, and a lot of sheet music that’s all over the place. You’ve got to watch your step. At one point there were staples and paper clips all over the ground. I knew where each one of them was and just walked around them. It was a little weird… don’t tell mom.

Then add in Cross Country gear. I’ve got this gigantic duffel bag that is currently living under my desk. You wouldn’t think running would take a lot of stuff but there’s special shorts, shirts, and even socks that go along with running. And the shoes… oh, the shoes.

I haven’t even mentioned my backpack. My math book alone is over 1,000 pages and weighs (I’m guessing)… too much. And that’s just one subject.

The killer is the laundry. I should just get rid of my dresser at this point….

Any tips on storage? Thanks for letting me guest blog! I hope I can do this again soon!


About thethingaboutjoan

Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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2 Responses to Space…. the final frontier

  1. M. There is a shoe storage idea which hangs in a wardrobe (closet?) and has pockets which hold a pair of shoes each. It has a hanger. I don’t think they are expensive, but no doubt your mother could make one! Of course, she won’t let you guest blog again if it ends up making a different sort of work!! and you had me hooked with your title. I remember the moon-landing. Sue

  2. Great post M. Interesting perspective that would not come from a Mom!! Good luck with your stuff!

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