Chicago’s Magnificent Mile — from the kids’ perspective

If you’ve been reading along in this space for a while, you’ll know that I am a huge proponent of giving the kids cheap digital cameras and letting them capture whatever they like. It’s amazing the things that they notice that I fail to see.

This past weekend, we were downtown for a couple of hours near the south end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. This is the more “arty” area, rather than the “glitzy-store” end of Michigan Avenue. It boasts the Art Institute and Orchestra Hall among other attractions, and suffice it to say, there’s a lot of interesting photos that one could take. The architecture is amazing, the skyline towering, and Buckingham Fountain and the lakefront are a quick walk east.

Want to know what really caught my kids’ eyes? Take a look…

Blue city bikes on Mag Mile

Bikes for everyone!

First, there were the rows of blue city bikes all lined up and ready to rent. We saw a lot of people using these to beat the “slow-walkers” on the sidewalk.

Bird sculpture on Mag Mile

Now that’s a birdbath…

Then, a fountain with a tremendous sculpture of a bird splashing down into a birdbath caught my daughter’s attention. Note the views of the buildings in the background. The shot above is one of my favorite pictures that she took.

Chicago sculpture garden

My daughter making friends with one statue

Just a little farther up the mile (but still south of the Art Institute) was this small park with these humanoid sculptures in them. They were standing, sitting on benches, and even kneeling. Everyone in that park did the very same thing — mimicked the stance of the sculptures. E of course had to commiserate a little with one of them.

But the standout of all there is to see downtown? The Chia Heads.

Chia Heads on Mag Mile

Two of the Chia Heads!

Chia Heads on Mag Mile

One of the 15 Chia Heads on the Mag Mile

As the latest in a string of summer public art installations on Michigan Avenue, these huge, colorful head-planters with their flowery “hair” fascinated us. How can you not look at one of these without hearing that “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!” jingle in your head? I love them. They are strange, fun, and slightly mesmerizing to look at.

They also have some sage advice on promoting green ideas. My daughter ran up behind one of them and took this one for me:

Chicago Chia Head Wisdom

Wisdom from a Chia Head. Only in Chicago.


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6 Responses to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile — from the kids’ perspective

  1. mtetar says:

    They have become very professional! Great job, and Continue Success you all. Blessings, Mtetar

  2. go Mama O says:

    It’s always fun to download pictures from my daughter’s camera. At 3 she has an interesting perspective. It looks like your kids do too!

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