When I was a kid, I remember checking out the Christmas presents under the tree at my grandmother’s house to see which ones were for me. And I might have noticed how big they were compared to my brothers’ gifts. Inadvertently, you understand.

For some reason, I always thought that huge presents were clearly the best ones. It didn’t matter that my mom kept telling me “Don’t forget that good things also come in little packages.” I’m sure those are nice too, I thought. But I’ll bet that big gift is waaaay better.

Try as I might, I don’t think I’ve ever quite shaken that kid-logic. I know better: lots of fabulous things are small. After all, most jewelry can be contained in tiny boxes. But when I look over the presents surrounding the Christmas tree, I’m a kid all over again, judging the larger items to have more value somehow than the others.

Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. May I present my younger son C and his choice of stringed instrument?

c and the bass

That’s right. It’s a bass — or I should say more correctly, it’s a 1/8-size bass.

We were at Orchestra Night, looking over the violas and minding our own business, when C noticed the bass sitting on a special holder. From that moment on, he was captivated and declared that it was the instrument he wanted to play. Why? Because it’s huge. Even though it’s quite small for a bass, it looks like a violin on steroids. In other words — it’s awesome.

And the fact that it’s just slightly bigger than his twin sister’s little cello? Well, that’s a little icing on the cake and in his mind proof-positive that bigger really is better.

Now I wonder how he’s going to wrangle it onto and off of the bus without incident. After a few weeks of carrying it back and forth to school, I’ll bet a 1/4-size violin will look a lot more attractive….


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2 Responses to Big

  1. go Mama O says:

    Cute! We just heard a rockabilly band play last night and the bass player was amazing! Hopefully your son will manage hauling it around!

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