Broken string blues

During our last neighborhood garage sale, we adopted this treasure.

Garage Sale Guitar

It cost us almost nothing, but the idea that we could bring home a “real” guitar for the kids to use seemed priceless. As a side note: we were not the only ones combing the sales for musical instruments. Someone down the street was selling empty guitar cases and many people stopped to bargain for what they thought were guitars. You could sense their disappointment as they drove away empty-handed.

But this little guitar seemed like it needed a home, and we snapped it up as soon as we saw it. They told us it had a broken string that would need to be replaced. Sure thing, not a problem. We’re DIY people, after all. We relish a challenge. This kind of fix is right up our alley.

Or so we thought.

After a quick trip to the music store, we had our new strings. Mere minutes after attempting to replace the first one, we somehow de-pegged the peg and broke the bridge.

broken guitar peg

Yeah. Oops.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but I look at it as a learning opportunity. After all, it’s a garage sale find, so it’s not like a) we spent thousands of dollars on it, or b) it’s a precious family heirloom that has heartwarming memories of grandparents and uncles playing it. In short, it’s the perfect instrument to practice our repair skills. This little peg problem? It’s just another widget to fix.

We searched online for solutions as to how to repair the peg/bridge, but honestly, I haven’t found anything that explains or shows what to do. Our oldest will be taking a beginning guitar class this upcoming school year, and although they will use the school’s instruments, I’m wondering if the teacher might have an idea of how to fix this one.

It’s worth a shot, right? Or am I crazy and we should just scrap this deal and thank our lucky stars it was cheap? If all else fails, I really think this guitar would make a groovy planter….

Have you ever brought home a treasure from a garage sale only to find that it presented more of a challenge than you thought?  Do you keep working to save it or do you cut your losses early?


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3 Responses to Broken string blues

  1. Micha says:

    Hi Joan…Hubby is a guitar man and I asked him how he would go about fixing the peg. He said to loosen the strings a little so you can get your hand in the sound hole. You might want to put a thimble on your finger, find the broken peg from inside the guitar, and push up on it. You want to get it out from the inside out since there’s a taper to the peg. You won’t be able to push it down inside the guitar without breaking something important. Maybe someone can even be pulling the string up while someone is pushing the peg up through to give it more leverage. When you get it out, then you can replace it. I hope I explained this well enough for you to understand! Let me know if you have any questions since I’m just relaying the info. 🙂

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