Musical chairs

If it’s Thursday, this must be our final stop of the spring concert season. Today, we’re attending our twins’ first ever performance featuring that most humble but sonorous of instruments: the recorder.

Both C and E have been practicing up a storm in preparation for the big event. We set up a music stand (the one that we received along with an accordion) so that they could run through their songs without craning their necks or staring straight down at their sheets.

music stand with recorder

Still life of music stand, recorder and Louie the Wonder Pup

Personally, I think it made a huge difference in how seriously they practiced because the stand added an air of showmanship. Throw in the CD with recorded accompaniment that their music teacher gave them, and we had quite the live performances right in our own home.

Both C and E have told me (and the band/orchestra directors at their school) that they want to play other instruments as soon as they are able. You can bet I’m going to be scouring garage sales looking for an additional music stand so that each one of my kids will have their very own over the summer.

From the dress rehearsals they’ve performed for us in our living room, the playlist will include such perennial favorites as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Hot Cross Buns.” As a twist, they’re also playing the subversive “Buns Cross Hot” in which a few of the notes are played in reverse order.

I can’t wait. Really.

Last week was full of the school band and orchestra concerts of their older brother M, who has been playing for years. His music was difficult, soaring, intricate. It showed off the thousands of hours of practice he’s accumulated and made me a little teary. It’s amazing to see your child perform at anything — be it music, sports, crafts, art, etc. But it’s all the more awe-inspiring to watch him play with an ease created by talent and a proficiency earned by hard work.

Today’s concert brings us full circle, back to the beginning for the last time. Instead of searching for four seats in the crowd, my husband S and I will only need two. No longer are the twins sitting in the audience, trying to be quiet and not squirm in their chairs. Today is their time to take center stage and perform.

But just between us? Part of me hopes that I’ll get to sit next to a rambunctious preschooler during the concert. For old times’ sake.

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5 Responses to Musical chairs

  1. mtetar says:

    They can do all things through Christ Jesus, and their Faith. May God continues to Bless them through all their endeavors. Be Blessed, Joan, Mtetar

  2. Oh, this is so sweet…I love how you ended this! I’ve told you before that I have no musical talent whatsoever. However, I loved the recorder and used to spend hours practicing it. I was also a very shy child but somehow learned how to play Amazing Grace and then asked our pastor if I could play it during church for everyone. He agreed to it, so 9 year old me got up and played Amazing Grace for everyone. I’m sure it was horrible but I really thought I was a musical phenom on that recorder!!

    • What a great story! I love that the shy you (you were shy?!) loved the recorder so much that you’d get up in front of your church to play Amazing Grace. Love. That.

      There’s something about the recorder, isn’t there? The twins’ music teacher acknowledged that a first recorder concert has the potential to be… not very harmonious, but their class did really well! And I didn’t get to sit next to a preschooler, but I did get to sit behind one. Got a little lump in my throat before the kids ever started playing.

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