Are you game for Earth Hour?

Have you heard of Earth Hour? It’s scheduled for this Saturday, March 23 from 8:30-9:30 p.m.

It grew out of a simple concept:  turn off your lights for one designated hour. Easy, right? Back in 2007, the idea was to call attention to light pollution and to show how simple actions by individuals, taken in the collective, make a huge difference.

If you go to their website, you can see how they’ve expanded their original mission to include overall conservation efforts year-round. They’ve set up these great “I Will If You Will” challenges (such as changing to CFLs, using non-toxic cleaners in the home, etc.). There’s even one that kids can do — if 100,000 kids play the online game of cleaning up “trash” in a virtual sea, real people have pledged to clean up 2 tons of trash out of the ocean. For my kids, computer gaming sanctioned by their mom coupled with helping the Earth is a win-win all the way.

For me, I think Earth Hour is a fantastic teaching tool to get my kids thinking about the larger issue of the environment, to involve them in some creative solutions, and to show how the small actions of individuals, added together, contribute to making a difference.

More than that — it’s just fun.

We’re planning to turn off our lights on Saturday night and fire up the flashlights and the candles. And I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to play a board game or two while eating some popcorn or other little snack.

My choice of games to play during Earth Hour. It's good to have options.

My choice of games to play during Earth Hour. It’s good to have options.

We’ve tried to roast marshmallows over candles during Earth Hour last year — let’s just say they were a little too “raw” to make s’mores. We ended up dunking them in hot chocolate. But I’m sure we’ll try it again this year; maybe we just need more candles….

Are you game for Earth Hour this year?


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16 Responses to Are you game for Earth Hour?

  1. This is so cool Joan! Can’t believe I had never heard of this. My husband and I will definitely be participating! Play a little cribbage with flashlights, have a little wine — sounds perfect 🙂

    • Oh I’m glad you think so, Kenley! It’s so much fun to play board games and nosh in the candlelight.

      Is cribbage one of your favorite games? I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never played it. I’m going to look up the rules online now…

      Enjoy Earth Hour this weekend! -Joan

      • We love it! We enjoy a lot of different games but cribbage and dominoes are our favorite. Cribbage is generally speaking a two person game (though there is a version for 3 people). We enjoy it as a couple. It’s something my parents play and actually as your kids get older, it is a great game to learn and teach them because you have to do a lot of counting and figuring out of probabilities. (or at least you do if you want to beat your husband, lol).

      • That sounds excellent! And it does sound like the perfect game for my older son — he’s all about math and probabilities, as well as winning against his parents! 🙂

        I just looked it up and it looks really fun. Man, I love getting game recommendations! Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. Micha says:

    We will try, but this sounds all too reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy and the week with no power! 🙂 (Thankfully we had it good compared to some…) We love the Apples to Apples game!

  3. This really does sound like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. amyp22 says:

    We have in the past but don’t know yet about this year. It is lots of fun and for an awesome cause.

  5. Unfortunately, I was in the theatre in the small town I live in where the local high school put on a brilliant production of the musical Lion King so missed Earth Hour this year. i love how you were prepared and organized for this very special event. I also love how you are passing the legacy on to your children. ~Thea

    • Oh, thanks, Thea! Anytime you add marshmallows to board games and throw in the element of “lights off” it’s bound to please my crew.

      I love those high school productions — especially the musicals. Bet the Lion King was phenomenal.

  6. What a great idea, Joan! I bet your kids love it, must feel like camping out indoors 🙂 We’ll give it a try this weekend with my daughter…better late than never, right?

    • I’m always game for camping indoors. Fewer bugs, closer to the bathroom and water… 🙂

      For the record, “roasting” marshmallows over candles is like giving a kid a haircut one hair at a time: you’ll get there eventually but it’s going to take a looooooong time. We finally went to the gas stovetop, burned the dickens out of those marshmallows, and smooshed them as best we could between graham crackers. Funny stuff.

      • Joan, you crack me up…I guess you could look at the candle thing as a science experiment 🙂 That’s awesome that you made smores indoors…your kids must have been in heaven!

      • Ooh, I never thought of roasting marshmallows as a science experiment. I like it.

        Yeah, the kids were pretty thrilled about s’mores. We haven’t made them in forever and I think it reminds them of summer. We’re getting a little antsy for warmer weather here in the frozen Midwest.

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