That “not-yet-maybe-soon” feeling

Here in Chicagoland, we’ve started that horrible part of winter in which we receive more snow now than any other time in the season, even as spring winks at us. It will warm up to almost 50 degrees and the sun will shine as if it’s time to find the flip-flops, only to be followed by 7 inches of snow and despair. It’s like when your teen is almost ready to get his braces off: he can practically taste the forbidden goodness of caramel, but each time he heads to the orthodontist, he’s told, “Not quite yet. Maybe soon.”

I’ve got that same “not-yet-maybe-soon” feeling on the projects I’ve started around here:

1.  The Vanilla Challenge. Remember back in January when we started to make our own vanilla? It’s pretty easy, but you have to wait for 4-6 months — which is a long time, considering that: 1) you don’t know if you’re going to get actual vanilla that you can use for baking or if it will turn out to be some flavored vodka that you may as well pour into a diet cola; and 2) we use silly amounts of vanilla here. Ingrid over at took up the challenge with me, and I can’t wait to see how hers turn out. If you want to join us in this adventure, you can find the instructions in this post.

This is what it looked like shortly after we started it:

After two days...

After two days…

And here’s what it looks like after one month:

Vanilla month one

It’s definitely darker, but will it be vanilla?  I guess only time will tell. I’m a rule-follower by nature and the instructions said to wait, so that’s what I’d doing. And truth be told, I’m also a little chicken to open and taste it right now.

2. The Super Bowl Knitting Projects.  Remember the projects I intended to start – one a quarter — during the Super Bowl? Thanks to some nice long stretches of TV watching and kid-chaufeurring, I’ve got forward motion on some of these.

First Quarter Socks

First Quarter Socks

The First Quarter Socks are coming along nicely, as is the Fourth Quarter Cowl that I technically did not cast on during the Super Bowl (what can I say — the dip was calling from the buffet).

Fourth Quarter Cowl

Fourth Quarter Cowl

My daughter E challenged me to a contest in which we would both knit cowls as quickly as we could as we watched “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” with the guys. And yes, I know exactly how geeky that last sentence is. I can only offer in my defense that you haven’t seen funny until you have five people — two of whom are knitting as the other three are spilling popcorn everywhere — yelling “KHAN!” at the top of their lungs while the dog ignores them. That yelling interfered a bit with the cowl’s progress, but it’s started at least.

Let’s just skip past the fact that I’ve not even picked up the Second Quarter Gloves since the Super Bowl — that teeny tiny gauge is positively soul-sucking — and go right to the big finish. I give you the Third Quarter Hat.


It’s finito. It’s warm, it fits, and it matches the scarf I knit from the same yarn.

But I have that little voice that says, It’s too plain. Don’t you want to add some enormous  pom-pom or braid or curly wing-ding things to the top? I’m trying to resist, but that little feeling might be too strong. So I guess this one technically falls into the “not-yet-maybe-soon” camp too.

Do you have that feeling too? Any lingering projects you’re slogging away at working on?


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15 Responses to That “not-yet-maybe-soon” feeling

  1. I share that feeling re spring, the sun shone today temptingly, but it was bitter! the socks look great, well worth finishing:) and as for unfinished projects.. where do I start!

    • The weather is such a tease right now: we’ll get a week of gray, gray, gray and then 1 day of sun. Maddening.

      Yeah, I’m liking how the socks are going. I originally started them as a gift for someone else, but honestly, the colors are so pretty and the yarn is soft so they might just find their way into my sock drawer.

      I think everyone has a few unfinished things here and there — although the more I look around my house, I’m starting to wonder if we didn’t hit our UFO quota about a year ago….

  2. Micha says:

    You’ve nailed it perfectly with the term “despair”. I don’t know why we get these spring teases and then there is always a final storm that puts us back in our place. I love the color of the hat and scarf, by the way…

    • It’s terrible of me, really, but unless we’re going to get enough snow that everyone can stay home for a snow day — I’m all done. The kids still love it because we haven’t had as much snow as usual, but even they are over wearing sweaters and boots and winter coats, etc, etc.

      I looked in my yarn stash and I have an overwhelming amount of blue yarn in just about the same shade. Thank goodness I haven’t gotten tired of that royal blue color. Yet.

      • Micha says:

        We just keep getting coatings of snow that disappear in 24 hours. Is it the same by you? Haven’t even had a delayed opening let alone a snow day this year. Booo…

      • We’re in that cycle right now — although a couple days ago we got about 6-7 inches of the really heavy wet snow that’s excellent for making snowmen and forts. No snow days by us at all. Sigh.

        On 2/28/13 11:55 AM, “the thing about joan…”

  3. The third quarter hat looks great Joan! 🙂 Like you, I can’t wait for warmer days too! we had so much snow here yesterday too! no signs of spring yet 😦 Happy you showed us a new picture of the vanilla extract, mine is looking darker too, not as much as yours but almost there, I hope! As for unfinished projects, don’t get me started, ha!ha! 🙂

    • I needed a new hat to get through this last push of winter, but I still feel like it’s crying out for some sort of flamboyant topper — like a pom-pom the size of a grapefruit or something.

      Only 4 more months on the vanilla. Sigh. I hate waiting. 🙂

      But so many of your projects get finished! I think I need a little more closure on ALL of the unfinished things we’ve started. Now if we only had more time and unlimited resources… 🙂

  4. Susan Bahr says:

    I love that color blue. I guess that’s what I miss the most this time every year – COLOR! Looking pretty white out my window just now . Hope you have more colors and sounds than me.

  5. Leah says:

    Look at you go with all of your projects! The 3rd quarter hat looks great – I love the color. :). As for the yet to be finished ones, slow and steady!

    I’m really happy you shared the vanilla process with us – It’ll be soooo interesting to hear how it finally turns out!

    • Aw, thanks, Leah! I love that color blue too — apparently it’s a color I always head towards when I’m buying yarn!

      I’m so worried that the vanilla is going to be a huge fail. We’ll see. With a “seven-year supply” of this stuff (as the instructions promise), this may end up being a “Cocktails You Can Make With Flavored Vanilla” blog. That’s definitely a niche not everyone is talking about!

  6. Time With Thea says:

    I have several ‘dangling’ projects that I just don’t have time to finish or rather haven’t made it a priority. I hoping to finish them up when I have more time this summer. ~Thea

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