One year ago today

A year ago today, we gathered the kids up and told them that we were going to look at a litter of puppies that the local rescue group was fostering. We stressed that we were only looking, that we had to see if any of these puppies would be a good fit for our family.

We cautioned that this was just a visit, that adopting a puppy would mean big changes around our house (e.g., no more Legos all over the floor in every single room of the house for fear that the pup would mistake them for colorful kibble), and that everyone would have to help if we decided to bring one home. We told them not to fall in love with a puppy on sight, that this was a big responsibility and we needed to approach it logically rather than emotionally. Everyone agreed.

And then we met Louie and lost our hearts anyway.


8-week-old Louie

8-week-old Louie

It’s hard to believe that he’s been with us for a year. He was so tiny that he couldn’t sleep through the night — he got up every hour and a half — and needed to listen to the “Tron 2” soundtrack to settle back down. He was so young that he was afraid of the wind and rain and noises and other dogs.

We’ve been through training classes and socialization time, surgery, pounds of puppy food, car trips, and probably 10,000 miles of walks (or maybe it just feels that way).

To celebrate One Year of Lou, I finished a sweater for him.

Mock-up above, finished Sweater 2.0 below

Mock-up above, finished sweater 2.0 below

I knit this one in the round, added some length, made sure it had armholes, and finished it off with a few spikes. I love him and his new look. He tolerates it — barely.


Not even treats could change his mind.

Not buying it.

Not buying it.

So we went to the bus stop so Lou’s girlfriend, the lovely golden retriever who lives a few houses down, could catch his new sweater.


And like any good girl in the presence of her boyfriend’s mother, she approved.


They grow up so fast, don’t they?


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16 Responses to One year ago today

  1. tfaswift says:

    Doggie jumpers! My favourite! That’s actually the *only* thing I know how to knit. I learned so I could knit jumpers for my own dogs.

    • They are addictive, aren’t they? He really needs one — it was positively frigid outside this morning for his walk. I love that, unlike my children, Louie can’t really complain about my choice of knitwear for him. 🙂

  2. Can totally see why your family all fell in love with Louie! He is so adorable! Happy one year anniversary of having this furry bundle of joy!

    • Thanks, Kenley! He is such a little love and he’s made such a huge difference to our family. The kids, who used to be a little tentative around dogs, now have a lot more confidence. It’s weird to see what a difference a year makes — I had almost completely forgotten the up-all-night routine he had when we first got him.

  3. This is such a cute post!! I’m sure Louie is so happy you picked him out of all those puppies a year ago 🙂

    • Thanks. I have a small confession — because I think he’s so cute, sometimes I wonder why we didn’t adopt 2 puppies from the same litter. And then I regain my sanity and remember that one dog right now is enough! 🙂

  4. Northern Narratives says:

    The dog is so adorable. What breed is it?

    • He’s a shih tzu. The folks at the local rescue thought he might be a purebred pup –which frankly is amazing, if that’s true. He’s got a little longer snout than the shih tzus I’ve seen, but that only works in his favor (no snoring, easier breathing). The vet thinks he’s about as big as he’ll get (about 10 lbs — or 11 lbs after treats), and he’s just a little love. I’d so recommend this breed to anyone.

  5. Cul de Sac says:

    Ah! Love the new coat! And it has armholes lol! You made a good job on it and i really like the fins on top, makes him look like a shark!

    • Thanks Josée! Knitting it in the round made all the difference to me — even for those darn armholes! And knitting those triangles and sewing them on was a hoot — I cranked out about 10 of them while watching the Golden Globes awards show, and then when I went to sew them on, I realized that his coat isn’t that big! Oops!

      Someone is going to have to stop me from making more of the dog sweaters. They are quick and easy knits, Lou doesn’t complain and make a fuss about not wearing it — it’s the perfect knit, if you ask me!

  6. Such a cute post!! I absolutely adore the spikes on the new sweater!!! What a great touch! It almost makes him look ferocious!!! haha!!

  7. Oh! Louie is so cute! he is an adorable little guy! love his suit 😉 I’m sure he is thankful you guys picked him 🙂

  8. We have had the debate about a dog but have not gone deep into it. Lately the children have brought it up more. I am sure if we ever went to look, like you, we would end up with one. Clearly, it was the right decision for you guys.
    By the way, my blog moved. Here is the new

    • I lurked on rescue sites for years before I found Lou’s litter. It probably seemed a little more spontaneous to the kids, but it was a long long slog before we found the right kind of dog for us.

      Thanks for the updated address for your blog. I’ll catch you over there.

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