Shhh! Spontaneous crafting captured

It was quiet in the wee hours before the dash to the bus stop. Too quiet.

You know that slightly heart-stopping moment when you realize that the silence settling throughout the house has arrived prematurely because the kids haven’t left for school yet, but it’s really, really, really still? Yeah — that.

It only ever gets that quiet here when someone is in serious trouble, is about to get in serious trouble, or has sensed the impending assignment of chores and is trying to lay low.

I went in search of the twins when I heard a voice in the dining room say, “Hey, whatchya doin’?”

Immediately I headed in that direction and what I found… well, I had to grab the camera to document it. Please forgive the slightly grainy, unfocused pictures. Much like the Jouberts’ filming lions in the wild, I didn’t want to spook them and disturb the natural order of things.

“Whatchya doing?”

They were spontaneously crafting. Together. At the dining room table. Without a peep.

It’s not hard to find E crafting pretty much anywhere, anytime in our house. But C? With E? And no noise? And NO LEGOS? Amazing.

I’m guessing the addition of duct tape was C’s contribution to the paper airplanes.

I think I’m going to frame that photo. Seriously — Best. Present. Ever.


About thethingaboutjoan

Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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2 Responses to Shhh! Spontaneous crafting captured

  1. Oh yes, I understand the quiet. When I hear arguing and thumps and bumps I stroll…when there is silence I make a mad dash!! Yeah, for the twins!! Love it!

    • It’s just weird when the quiet hits BEFORE the kids leave for the day. I had to double-check the clock to make sure I hadn’t lost an extra hour or so. I didn’t even hear paper rustling — maybe it’s me? Oh dear.

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