Make like a tree: E’s DIY tree costume

This Halloween, E decided she wanted to be a tree. It’s her vision — she came up with the idea AND how to make it all by herself (although I did pitch in free labor). She’s a crafty gal, after all.

Tree Costume materialsWhat you’ll need for a tree costume

  • pen or pencil
  • felt squares or other fabric remnants in autumnal colors (we used yellow, orange, brown, green and red)
  • scissors
  • leaves, varying sizes (we had more than enough from our yard!)
  • needle and thread or safety pins
  • old green sweatshirt or hoodie

1. Trace your leaves onto pieces of felt or fabric.

Trace Leaf for Costume

2. Cut them out with scissors. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with large and small leaves on different colors of material. Make as many as you like.

3. Sew or pin to your green sweatshirt. Make sure you spread them out and vary the size and color of the leaves as you go. I helped her sew them on because I had tons of thread and not many safety pins. It took a while, but we only tacked each leaf onto the hoodie in a couple of places so it would flutter like real leaves on a tree. (It was painless, really, because I did most of the sewing while watching TV at night.)

Leafy Tree Costume

She can put up her hood if her ears get cold, but she really wanted a headband to wear for her classroom party and school costume parade.

Enter Phase 2: The Leafy Headband.

To make the matching headband, you’ll need the following materials:

  • headband
  • green yarn (optional)
  • pipe cleaners
  • construction paper
  • a small-sized leaf
  • pencil or pen
  • tape
  • scissors

1. Wrap the headband with the dark green yarn. Since E wanted to use a wide purple headband as the base for her headpiece, she wrapped green yarn around it to cover up the color. (If you have a wide, green headband, skip to step 2.)

2. Twist the pipe cleaners around the headband, leaving a long tail sticking up.

3. Coil each tail of the pipe cleaner around your finger for a springy effect.

4. Trace your leaf onto construction paper and cut out. Repeat for as many pipe cleaners as you have on your headband.

5. Tape one leaf to the end of each pipe cleaner. Ta-da! A leafy headband in about 10 minutes!

She’s ready for the run for the candy.

Are you ready for Halloween?


Also, a quick side note: Β hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy stays safe and dry. We’re keeping you in our thoughts today!


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12 Responses to Make like a tree: E’s DIY tree costume

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Such a wonderful costume and so great that E came up with the idea herself!

    • I think it helped that, because of our ongoing drought, the trees gave up and dropped their leaves EARLY this year. We’ve been playing in leaf piles for well over a month now, and she adores making leaf bouquets. So when it came to a costume… she was so quick and definite about what she wanted. The crafty is strong with that one!

  2. This is amazing!!! What a great idea your daughter had!! I love the simplicity of it and the huge wow factor!!!

    • Aw, thanks! She traced and cut out so many leaves that I was having a hard time finding another place to put them — so fun though. I’ll tell her your comment about the “huge wow factor” — she’ll love that!

  3. I love that she came up with her own costume AND how to make it! And OF COURSE, that she could RUN in it! The headband is my favorite part!

    • Well, you know…. running is key! πŸ™‚

      I thought the basic hoodie-covered-with-leaves was good, but she really took it to a whole new level with that headband. Before I knew it, she had her headband out, wrapping it in yarn and attaching pipe cleaners. As you may be able to tell, I’m pretty proud of her — I wouldn’t have come up with such a great, warm, colorful costume! πŸ™‚

  4. amyp22 says:

    What a cool idea! My middle is going as a quarterback…play on words. The creativity is awesome and I hope she has a great time.

    • Love your daughter’s costume idea! I saw a cute one on twitter the other day — a gal dressed up in a prom-looking/bridesmaid dress and said she was going to hang an “I’m sorry” sign around her neck. Her costume? Formal Apology.

      Hope you have a great Halloween!

  5. Great idea your daughter had! πŸ™‚ It looks great! πŸ™‚ Happy Halloween! πŸ™‚

  6. luvaloo says:

    Love the tree costume!! I bet she looks like swirling leaves when she runs.

    • She does! And it’s her favorite thing about the hoodie part (the headband takes top honors in her book). Apparently, the “twirly” and “swirly” factors apply not only to dresses and skirts but also costumes.

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