My daughter’s tutorial: how to fingerknit a friendship bracelet

I thought that once school started, E would have less time to make all her little projects.  She’s in third grade now, after all, and there’s more rigor in the curriculum.  On top of that, there are all the extra-curricular things to do, sports to play, Girl Scouts and playdates.  I knew she wouldn’t have the same amount of time to dream, create and indulge her artsy side.  Or so I thought.

“Mom?  Can I bring some more yarn on the bus?”

“Sure… wait, what?  More yarn on the bus?”

“Yeah.  I want to teach my friends how to fingerknit, so they can have their own bracelets.”

“What bracelets?  And what yarn did you take on the bus?  And where did you learn to fingerknit?”

It turns out that E hates to be idle, which I knew and understood.  It’s exactly the same way that I can’t stand sitting around without knitting (which, by the way, is exactly the same way that my mom gets restless without her crocheting or knitting or quilting).  We all like to do a little something with our hands to take the edge off of being still.  Or in my case, to keep me from falling asleep when I’m watching TV at night.

The bus ride to school isn’t long, but it’s just long enough for E to get that antsy feeling. So, without my realizing it, she had stuffed a bunch of yarn in her backpack for fingerknitting on the bus.

Don’t know how to fingerknit?  Neither did I.  Here’s E’s tutorial for all of us who’ve never tried it (as told to me by E this morning, in a blatant attempt to acquire some of my stash yarn to make more bracelets.  Never misses a trick, that one).

Step 1:  Make a slipknot.

Step 2:  Put the slipknot on your index finger and hold the tail end with your middle finger and thumb.

Step 3:  Wrap the yarn from the ball around your finger right above the slipknot.

Step 4:  Pick up the yarn loop on the bottom (the loop made by the slipknot) and lift it over the top loop and off your finger.  Cinch up the yarn on the bottom so it’s not too loose or too tight on your finger.  

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have a chain as long as you’d like. (It looks like a simple crochet chain).

For a slim bracelet, just tie the ends of the chain.  To make thicker bracelets, as shown below, just hold several strands of yarn together and do the same process.

Voilà!  Cute fingerknit bracelets for your friends AND a way to have a little fun on a boring bus ride.

She was tickled pink to make this tutorial — especially on a fiber-related topic that I’ve never tried.  Guess what she said to me when we were done?

“Mom?  You should make some of these.  Can we go to a yarn store tonight?”

So very E.


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