Happy Labor Day!

Here in the States, it’s Labor Day weekend.  It’s time to say goodbye to summer, shop the back-to-school sales (or clearance), and finish the million little projects that have languished all summer.  My family wholeheartedly disagrees with me on this meaning of “labor” in Labor Day; they think I’ve been overly influenced by those Home Depot “weekend warrior” commercials.  I plead the fifth.

Labor Day must bring out the nesting instinct in me, because we found ourselves at IKEA, along with approximately 300,000 other people.  As a rule, I try to limit my IKEA exposure to weekdays only, because trying to navigate through the throng of people to grab the last Blarbar* in stock while getting knocked sideways by a renegade cart or two makes me want to curl up in a fetal position in one of the cute little room displays.

But there we were at the big blue store, dodging people and following the slow mass of people through the aisles to get to the home organization section.  Two hours and one enormous headache later, we emerged with a hodgepodge of frozen meatballs, bookends, cinnamon rolls, brackets, and a wee light strip.

And why did we brave IKEA on a weekend, and a holiday weekend at that?  Because I decided that E needed shelves desperately.  The boys’ rooms already have lots of them, and we always meant to put some up for her.  She now has some much needed storage space for all those books, mementos, projects, craft supplies, etc., that we know she’ll collect in the future.

We also hung some hooks on the sides of both E’s and C’s dressers.  They really needed a place to hang up their book bags and backpacks, instead of just throwing them down in the middle of the floor where I would invariably trip over them.

In the meantime, C is making a sign out of Legos for his room:

My husband already made a wooden frame for it, so as soon as C puts the finishing touches on his threatening sign, we can hang that bad boy up.  And check another little project off the list.

We also have large, scary, multi-weekend tasks to do, but that’s all for another time.  On this Labor Day, we’re going to bang out these last bits of work and then grill out massive steaks and sip grown-up beverages on the patio as the kids chase the dog in the backyard.

Hope you all have a wonderful end of summer holiday!

*not a real product name (I don’t think…)

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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7 Responses to Happy Labor Day!

  1. Love all your projects!!! Sounds like our family this weekend!

  2. Lisette says:

    Love the hooks:). I have a feeling you did a lot more this weekend 😉

  3. amyp22 says:

    What clean rooms! I might have to make a trip to IKEA if it means I can walk safely through my daughter’s room.

    • Ah, the beauty of cropping a photo! 🙂

      Actually, we had just mucked out their rooms and I wanted photographic evidence of how they should look when there’s not bits of paper, books, toys, crafts, etc all over everything. But I am putting a lot of faith that the shelves will be just the ticket to keeping everything in its place…. 🙂

  4. Love the IKEA story. My husband and I are IKEA fanatics. We love to go to Ikea whenever we travel. And he’s been to IKEA’s in Singapore and Russia. Great post! Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

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