Boredom Busters Recap: What a summer it’s been!

It’s so hard to believe the summer is over and Boredom Buster Mondays are coming to an end.

It all started way back during Spring Break when I was running my own “Camp Mom.”  Michelle at MakeMeCake.Me encouraged me via the comments section to list some of the challenges I created for the kids to stave off crankiness.  And the idea for this wee summer blog series was born.

So I don’t lose my mind next summer (or Spring Break… or Columbus Day, for that matter!), here’s a quick recap:

Week 1:  Volunteer with your kids 

I think this was by far one of my favorite things ever to do with the kids.  Packing up meals to send to poverty-stricken countries changed my kids’ worldview and put us all in a “what-can-I-do-to-help?” frame of mind to start the summer.  Priceless.  I can’t wait to pack more meals again.

Week 2:  Free finds

The best place for freebies on this list?  Your public library.  Honestly, I don’t know what we’d do without it.  In our town, the library really is the true community center, offering programs and information for all ages year round.  Amazing.

Week 3:  Let them make cake

Led by M, the kids took over the kitchen and made cake.  Then I asked them to plan a meal once a week.  We’ve had a lot of repeats, but we’ve ventured into the realm of smoothies and vegetarian lasagna as well as hot dogs, pizza, and quesadillas.  It’s been interesting.  Probably not always nutritious (especially when they presented the menu for “Ice Cream Dinner”), but interesting nonetheless.

Week 4:  Map out your playgrounds

We aimed at finding 25 new playgrounds, and then the thermometer exploded from record heat and drought for days upon days at a time.  We did manage to find about 8 new ones, and frankly, I’m considering that a job well done.

Week 5:  Writing prompts for your kids

I love this one.  The kids think I’m crazy until they latch on to one of the ideas and then… they’re off into imagination-land.  And yes, I’ve tried them too.

Week 6:  Give your kids the camera

If my kids had to pick a favorite, it would be this one.  They really like taking pictures and writing about them, but it quickly evolved into creating their own movies.  They took a series of pictures of a Lego guy in flip-book style, which they then imported into iMovie.  They even wrote scripts and made trailers about “Lego Dude.”  Awesome.  I wonder if this is how Steven Spielberg got started….

Week 7:  Make your own board game

Whenever there was a lull, someone created a new game.  We had games with yarn, sticks, marbles, Legos, dice, crayons… you name it, they made it.  I really think someone in this house should be a game designer.  Just not me.

Week 8:  DIY Decathlon

We got our Olympic spirit on and came up with our own decathlon events.  M skunked everyone and got the honor of choosing dinner and dessert, so really… we were all winners.

Week 9:  Tie-Dye Time

It was a clever idea up to the point that I decided to spin out all the wet shirts in the washing machine.  I’m not even sure there’s a name for the putrid pink color they turned. We’ll know better next time….

Week 10:  Make straw rockets

I’m still collecting rockets all over the house.  Cheap, easy, hours and hours of fun.  We’ll definitely do that one again — as soon as I “borrow” some more straws from fast-food restaurants.

Week 11:  Origami Yoda and the Paper Gang

If you haven’t checked out The Strange Case of Origami Yoda books yet, run — don’t walk — to pick them up.  Your kids will love them, and you’ll get to fold some origami.  Win-win!

Week 12:  Make God’s Eyes

If it had anything to do with yarn, E was all over it.  When we visited a friend’s house and saw their God’s Eyes, we came right home and had to make hundreds of them.  They are littered everywhere, watching and waiting for me to string them up in her room.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little series.  If any of these Boredom Busters inspired you, let me know in the comments how it worked out.  Happy Monday!


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4 Responses to Boredom Busters Recap: What a summer it’s been!

  1. Great list! Speaking of freebies at libraries. . . I just found out that my library notarizes documents free of charge. Who knew? 🙂

  2. alenaslife says:

    I really enjoyed this series Joan. It was a great idea, with excellent follow-through. thanks for keeping us all engaged each week.

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