Boredom Buster Monday: Origami Yoda and the Paper Gang

It’s a gloomy Monday around these parts, so it looks like one of the last jaunts to the pool will have to wait until another day.  Today, however, we are all about paper.  Lots and lots of paper!

E, of course, started all this hoopla (she is, after all, my crafty one).  We broke out a book on origami that we had checked out of the library and a paper-folding kit that she received for her birthday last year.

She was carefully folding up pinwheels….

Super-quick pinwheel

and little paper boxes that are perfect to store Sharpie pens…

What, you’re not addicted to Sharpies like I am? I thought all moms had at least 100 of these scattered about their homes.

and then C took over a corner of the dining room table to bring out these books:

Have you seen these?  The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back are awesome!  If your child likes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, he’s going to love these books.

The books include directions on how to fold your own Origami Yoda and Darth Paper.  They’ve made probably a million of them.  E folded a quick one (complete with quick smiley face) to show you:

Quick-fold: the 5-second Origami Yoda

Paper Darth and Yoda puppets are great, but add in a few lightsabers and you’ve got yourself a morning of adventures.

Epic lightsaber duel

They played with these for a while, but E, being the girl she is, simply couldn’t leave Darth Paper without a few accessories:

What every lightsaber-toting paper puppet needs: a fabulous hat!

That’s right.  She folded him a very stylish orange hat — you know, for those days when you need a little fashion pick-me-up from the normal Dark Side attire.  So. Very. E.

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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5 Responses to Boredom Buster Monday: Origami Yoda and the Paper Gang

  1. alenaslife says:

    Thanks for the Star Wars origami tip. My 10 year-old is going to LOVE!

  2. candleowlknits says:

    Mmmmm… wonderful, it is.

  3. Creatively Motivated says:

    What a super fun Monday! I love origami and my husband loves Star Wars so those books would be right up our alley! – Nizzy

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