Today is one of my favorite days of summer.  This is the day the kids cashed in the Big Prize for our beloved public library’s summer reading program:  The Golden Ticket.

It works like this:  once the kids have read a certain number of hours, they can turn in their reading sheets for a Golden Ticket.  It allows them to obtain one item from an End-of-Summer Book Fair.

Every year, the kids read like crazy at the beginning of the summer to make sure they get their ticket.  Every year, once they get it, they squirrel it away in a “safe” place that I make sure I know about so it’s not lost forever, and then they mark off the days until they can cash it in.  Every year, they wait not so patiently for the library to open on the first day of the Book Fair, clutching their tickets and worrying about other kids pushing their way ahead of them.

And we were rewarded.  C latched on to this book within the first 2 minutes of looking and wouldn’t let it go:

M is my secret weapon at these book fairs.  He seems to hone in on the best “deals” for the Golden Ticket.  The rule is you earn one ticket, you get one item.  The kicker is that one item can be one set of books, like this one:

He found that five-book set of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and snatched it up.  Since the set was shrink-wrapped together, it counts as one item.  He asked E if she wanted it.  And yes, as a matter of fact, she did.

These book fairs are always a little tricky for M.  They don’t usually have much selection for teens, and what they offer, he’s already read.  So he does what he has done for a while now — he used his ticket to buy the twins another book that he thinks they’ll like:

He thought that after they read the Percy Jackson series, C and E will want to move on to Rick Riordan’s next series about the Roman gods.  No worries about M though.  He knows how much we appreciate it and he also knows that if he really really really wants to buy a book later, we’ll likely get it for him.  Score all around!

Even though there’s a million little things to do to get the kids ready for school, they are all holed up in different parts of the house, reading their new books (M is reading a different book that he checked out of the library).  Is there anything better than the library and free books?  I think not.

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3 Responses to Score!

  1. Michelle @ MakeMeCake.Me says:

    How fun! M & I are birds of a bargain-hunting feather 😉

    • It’s in his genes, and it makes him crazy when the twins don’t see the “value” in getting the monster set of books rather than just one. He talks strategy about the book fair with them at breakfast, but they tend to get distracted at the book fair itself. So funny.

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