My favorite DIY project: Lego bedroom

A few weeks ago, I read this post over on A Detailed House about design ideas for boys’ bedrooms, and I thought I’d show you my all-time favorite DIY project:  a Lego-themed bedroom.

A little background:  for a while, M and C shared a bedroom.  I think M was in 1st grade and C was a toddler, so coming up with a theme suitable for both was a little tricky.  We wanted something whimsical yet not embarrassing for our oldest.  Something fun… but not something that we’d have to redo in a year or two.  Something that both of the boys enjoyed right at the moment, but that also had staying power after M moved on to his own room.

The answer came as soon as I stepped on one of the million little blocks and Duplos scattered all over my house:  Legos.

The crowning jewel of this room, in my opinion, is the bunk bed.  We bought a basic wooden one from IKEA (I think it was called Hemnes), and large wood dowel rods from Home Depot.  My patient husband cut tons of disks from the rods, carefully sanded them down and glued them in place on the bed.  Then we primed and painted the different sections to look like gigantic Lego pieces.  So. Fun.

Back in the day, we couldn’t find Lego bedsheets or covers, so I bought two cheap comforters and a lot of simple broadcloth material in red, yellow and green.  I couldn’t find a suitable plain dark blue, so I used a king-sized navy sheet.  I cut the material into large blocks, sewed them together and backed it with a large sheet.

As with any duvet cover, I wanted to be able to strip it off the comforter and wash it.  Often.  I toyed with the closure, originally thinking I would use buttons.  But with two very mobile toddlers and only nap-time to get two covers put together, I opted for the easier zippers.

For the window treatments, I decided to use dark blue denim to make Roman shades.  I backed them with heavy-duty blackout lining, because as a mother, I was willing to go to any extreme to help my youngest sleep in past 4:45 a.m. and nap for longer than 20 minutes.  You do what you need to do.

For the cornice, we used a simple 1×4″ board covered with the same material and attached it to the wall.  I drilled little holes in a few of the Mega-blocks that we had strewn about and hand-sewed them to the cornice.  Easy.

There are other little Lego touches around the room that we’ve picked up over the years.  A Lego alarm clock sits above C’s desk.  Pictures of Lego men (aka, “mini-figs”) freaking out hang on the walls.

M moved into his own room a few years ago, but C still loves this room just as much as he loves Legos.  I know I’ll get a little teary and nostalgic when he outgrows it, but for now, I just going to enjoy it.

Especially when it’s clean.

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31 Responses to My favorite DIY project: Lego bedroom

  1. Jeni says:

    This is … awesome.

  2. Micha says:

    That bed is so creative! I hope you plan on saving it for the grandkids!

  3. Katie B says:

    You guys are amazing.

  4. Patty says:

    Colorful, creative and so much fun for the children… to step into the world of lego’s. They spend so much time creating and making stories and playing with the lego’s, this really brings it to life for them. Amazing and I too hope you keep it for the grandchildren – they come along sooner than you can imagine. Maybe write down any more toughts you have on this so you will be able to share it with them later. Can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with next for when C’s eventually outgrows this!

    • Hi Patty! Thanks for dropping by… and thanks for the kind words on this project. It was a true labor of love for both S and me, and we get such a kick out of seeing C enjoy it so much. I’m afraid that when he outgrows this Lego theme, he’s going to want something exactly the opposite of this. When I was his age, I tried to convince my parents to paint all my furniture black (a no-go), so who knows what he’ll want then!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Wow, the result is awesome !

  6. My older son loves lego. He would love this.
    Very cool room.

  7. jgann22 says:

    I love this 🙂 Do you have any ideas for girl diy bedrooms ? LOL ! I only have a girl ! But I love the creativity here !

    • Thanks! My daughter’s room is pretty simple — just a garden theme with apple green walls, white waistcoating (which I would put all over the house if I could!), butterflies hanging from the ceiling and big, bold flower decals on the walls. She’s really into butterflies, gardens and flowers, so we went with that theme.

      We did make a headboard from a piece of MDF that we rounded off (like a half-oval) and then covered in batting and ladybug fabric. And then we got a BIG leaf from the children’s section of IKEA and hung it over the bed like a canopy.

      Hope that helps!

      • jgann22 says:

        oh , wow . That sounds beautiful 🙂 I am trying to do something that will last. Like you did. Becuase my daughter is into Minnie Mouse. And we know in a couple years she is going to outgrow that. And I will have to redecorate it again. But , you are very creative. And thank you for the tips.

      • It’s hard to really get a good theme room going because, like you say, the kids grow out of their “favorite things” so quickly. I’m hoping for a few more years with the Lego theme, but then I’m sure he’ll want something more grown-up. I’m not looking forward to that — I love that room! 🙂

        One thing you might try (and you’ve probably already heard of this — it comes from my addiction to HGTV) is to leave the furniture and walls more neutral (like white furniture/pale walls) so your daughter can grow with it and then hit the Minnie Mouse theme with bedding or wall decals.

        Let me know what you do — I love all the variations that people do for kids’ rooms!

      • jgann22 says:

        I haven’t heard of that 🙂 That is a wonderful idea. I saw this bed at that has a hideout underneath and a slide. I wanted to get that for her because when she grows out of the slide and hideaway, I’m sure it would be fairly easy to transform that into something else. Like a study area. That is my original plan. I cannot wait to get started on her room. I will definatly keep you updated on this. And I will blog about it as well.

      • Cool idea with the bed! And definitely do blog about it — I just started following you and can’t wait to see what you do!

      • jgann22 says:

        Thank you for following. I have a whole list of things I am trying to blog about 🙂 I am still having some trouble with getting this up & going . And getting some followers. But it’ll happen ! I am having so much fun with it. I love blogging. In fact, I like I am blogging to much 🙂 LOL ! I have more coming today.

  8. vonlet24 says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love this idea, and actually just saw a lego wall project on Apartment Therapy. So much fun! 🙂

  9. Kat Ellis says:

    I found the photo of your bed online, and searched and searched for where to buy it. LOL I AM SUPER IMPRESSED!!! Hopefully enough to attempt to build one for my grandson, who’s mommy is set on a Lego bedroom!

    • Kat, that is the nicest compliment!!! So glad you stopped by!

      It really is super easy to do, and I’m sure the same technique could be applied to a standard twin-sized wooden bed frame (rather than a bunk bed).

      Hope he enjoys his Lego room! Thanks again for dropping by!

  10. mtetar says:

    Great job, Joan! I like your creativity especially the window treatment. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  11. nicnatigger says:

    Hi there, I love this 🙂 My wee boy would love it. Can I ask though what sort of paint you used?

  12. Teresa says:

    Awesome job,very creative

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