E’s crafty crocheted shoestrings

My daughter E decided that she wants to learn crochet as well as knitting.  I love knitting and all things yarn, so you would think crochet would be a logical extension of my fiberphilia.  Nope.  Crochet and I don’t always see eye to eye (except for adorable little flowers — knitting can’t come close to a crocheted flower).

But I’d hate to pass along my prejudice against the hook to the next generation, so when she asked me to show her how to do the chain stitch, I told myself it was the right thing to do.

A little less than a day of making simple chain bookmarks for everyone in the house (including the dog), she made this:

Crocheted shoestrings!

Cute crochet vs. meh original

These are superior in every way to the old shoestrings.  The old ones were dirty, they never stayed tied, and they seemed a little boring to her.  For my E, everything better have a touch of color or she’s going rectify that situation with markers and crayons.

“And I can make more in any color I want,” she told me, pleased as punch with her new look.  “It’s like I’ve got new shoes!”

Wait until she sees sparkle yarn.  It’s going to be crochet-shoestring madness.

I love them.  They are so her.

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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21 Responses to E’s crafty crocheted shoestrings

  1. Katie B says:

    So cute. Maybe I should make some for my boy. He has trouble keeping his shoes tied,

  2. Lynne says:

    Awesome! Great idea! She should make laces and sell them to her pals for some extra ice cream money 🙂

  3. Micha says:

    My daughter would love these! She is currently crocheting a chain to go all around her room (sigh)…so this is a perfect project for her. Thanks E!

    • There must be something in the air telling girls to crochet. I think it’s fantastic that your daughter is yarnbombing her room too! Hee!

      • Micha says:

        It was after our frustrating attempt at knitting that I taught her the chain stitch. Much better for her patience level! I love the term “yarnbombing”. Wait until E’s knitting group sees her laces – they will all get busy making them!

      • Say the word, Micha, and I’ll email you links to some online “how to knit” classes. You know, for future reference. (I’m trying not to be too pushy with the knitting thing, don’t you know!). 🙂

      • Micha says:

        Sure! (as long as they’re free?) I do really want to learn but I guess now that the warmer weather is here I’m not as motivated. If someone can make it clear and easy enough, I’m in. Stay cool! 🙂

  4. alenaslife says:

    Like mother, like daughter. You guys are so creative!

  5. Renee Spindle says:

    So cute and creative. This could be a cool bracelet too. Reminds me of the friendship bracelets my girls used to make.

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  7. Kelly says:

    That’s adorable…I love how happy it made her!

    • She is still so proud of them, and she shows them off at every opportunity. I love that. She definitely has a very clear sense of her style — hope she keeps that throughout her life, you know?

  8. Great shoelaces. What a wonderful project! I must show these to my girls. And how very big of you to restrain yourself from passing on your prejudice and showing her how to crochet the chain stitch. That is parenting in action right their. You’re a good mum!

    • Ha! I’ll write “taught daughter to crochet despite silent protest” on my Mother of the Year application. 🙂

      Hope your girls enjoy making them too — E shows hers off at every opportunity. Thanks for dropping by!

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