The revenge of the “Sit-upon”

I think I may have mentioned that, as a kid, I was less than impressed with the “sit-upon” that I made in Brownies.

Guess what my daughter brought home from her Brownie meeting?  The thing she was so proud of — the thing she wants to make for everyone, including me, her dad and her grandparents?

Oh, the humanity!

Yep.  It’s back and she loves it.

I didn’t get it as a kid, but as a mom, I think I finally understand the point of the sit-upon.  It has nothing to do with the square itself.  It’s about the light of pride in my daughter’s eyes and the note of self-satisfaction in her voice when she says, I made this.

And when she makes me one, I will absolutely park my keister on it and tell her she did a wonderful job.  We will sit on them until she wants to get up and go do something else, even if I don’t have feeling in my rump or legs.  We will oooh and aaah over every detail of the cut-up vinyl tablecloths, the color of the yarn, and the spacing of her stitches.  We will ponder whether we should round the corners on the next one or not.  We will discuss how useful these sit-upons can be, how big or little they should be, and why every single person we know should have one.  (Even if I still prefer a chair.)

Well played, Sit-upon.  Well played.

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12 Responses to The revenge of the “Sit-upon”

  1. Lynne says:

    Too cute! She did a nice job 🙂 I wish I still had my sit-upon…it would be good for gardening with these aging knees!

    • Funny! I think her’s is a little light on the stuffing to make it work for my knees — although I never had considered using it for gardening.

      As a side note — I really need to get out there. My weeds have weeds at this point.

  2. Word of the day: keister! I love it!

  3. Micha says:

    OK. I want a sit-upon now. Seriously. She rocked it. (And puppy agrees, I see.)

    • Aw, Micha, that’s sweet! I just told E that you liked it and she said, “It’s so easy! She might need her mom to help her punch the holes on the sides, though.” 🙂

      • Micha says:

        Oh my, that is so cute. Tell her to whip up a boatload of them and sell them outside of the baseball field! haha

  4. Lynne says:

    So, I am passing this along to you! I really do enjoy your blog, and you’re up next for a Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

  5. king62198 says:

    I really love your site! You just earned a new follower! I basically crave your blogs now! Kepp them coming!

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