Another one for the DIY bucket list

I have lists of knitting, sewing and DIY projects that would make Martha Stewart’s crack team of project managers whimper.  But the kids’ social schedule/events + puppy training + my commitments + my husband’s classes = no free time to do much of anything, except wonder how far behind I am and if I can fit in a load of laundry.

Even though May is overbooked, it really would be the perfect month to tack on one more item to our DIY “bucket list” — the insanely long list of projects you know will take you until the end of your days to complete.  Behold our eyesore:

Isn’t it horrible?  I took that picture before the twins and I weeded it, but it’s still awful.  We have landscaping issues all around the front of our house, but this little garden, hidden from the street by a half-wall but placed right by the front door, bugs me like nothing else.  Every year we say we’re going to work on the landscaping.  And every year we’re so busy or it’s too rainy until it becomes too hot that we let it fall by the wayside.

Underneath the weeds and mulch is a bunch of rocks.  I think at one time one of the previous owners thought it would stop the weeds.  Clearly, that didn’t work, but it did make it next to impossible to plant anything new.

The ancient railroad ties — the ones that hornets chewed up to make an enormous nest in the tree at the end of our driveway — need to be removed.  And the downspout draining into the driveway makes me crazy, particularly in the winter when it freezes up into a little skating rink.

What to do?  Right now I’m leaning toward replanting the irises somewhere else in the yard and setting pavers or flagstones to make a little front patio.  Of course, it looks like the first chance we’d get at it would be during the heat of summer (because May is spoken for).

Any suggestions?  Or should I just slap some more mulch on top of it and knit a sock instead?  What’s on your DIY bucket list?

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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13 Responses to Another one for the DIY bucket list

  1. Lynne says:

    I feel your pain – having the same dilemma you are. And spending hours on Pinterest doesn’t help 🙂

  2. Spijder says:

    Make a ‘rock’ garden? Not talking about hauling a bunch of bolders over there, just those decorate it yourself stepping stones, maybe a few river rocks. You mentioned that your twins helped you weed it, painting river rocks or doing up a few of those make a decorative stepping stone kits could be activities for them. As far as getting plants out there why not just go with potted plants or those multiple planter pots for strawberries or herbs. Or even one of those raised level garden areas or two within that area, then you would be able to fill it up with good stone-free dirt.

    • Great idea — especially about painting the rocks. My daughter would be all about making her own stepping stones. And I’m considering a container herb garden…. or maybe flowers. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Micha says:

    I don’t know why, but I see this area filled with rocks and some type of water feature…and that blue bench in there, too. (It’s easy for me to give you ideas on your landscaping dilemmas so I don’t have to think about mine! hehe)

    • Oooh… water feature. I wonder if that might tip the balance for my husband. He loves fountains and I’ll bet if we included one, he might be more willing to dig out those plants and replant them. Hmmmm….

  4. Alicia says:

    I love the idea of a water feature! Like a small pond (no fish though, it’d be too small to accommodate them well) or a planter fountain. You could also maybe do a handy little rain barrel in the corner there to help get rid of the gutter spilling out into the drive. That would remove that “harsh” visual.

  5. We have rain barrels and love them! Plant suggestions: don’t ask me! Black thumb here too!

    • I think that’s partly why we’ve let the irises get out of control. They wanted to grow in spite of me. I feel sorry for them that we’ll have to move them… but not so sorry that I won’t do it!

      I’ve got to paint up some more rain barrels. We’ve got the one on the side of the house, but I’ll need to get another for this little area. I do think a rain barrel’s a good solution for that ugly downspout.

  6. Diane Hiller says:

    Being an avid gardener I would vote for planting something. Plus it’s good for the environment. You didn’t mention what the exposure is. Plantings plus a water feature is a good idea. Does it get sun at all or just shade? That would determine what you would plant. You might want to move the downspout so it waters that area. That’s what I did and my plants in that location do great. I would replace the railroad ties with a stone retaining wall. Let me know if you need help. I love any excuse to dig in the dirt!

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