Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you!  In honor of Star Wars Day, I’ve decided to take a break from the hamster wheel and geek it up with S and the kids.  Tonight, we’ll set up a screening of the first Star Wars released (Star Wars episode IV) in our family room and glory in the earnestness of Mark Hamill, the sassiness of Carrie Fisher, and the cockiness of Harrison Ford.  I’m sure there will be the reciting of the lines in unison with the movie to prove our nerdy dedication to the films.

I’m going to make pizza, popcorn, and probably that kiddie sangria that Micha posted about.  And real sangria for the adults.  We’ll munch out, dodge the kids’ light sabers and Nerf guns, and turn up the volume on the movie until the end tables vibrate.

I might also break out this:

Oh yeah. We’re THAT family.

I can’t wait.

I think this year, we’ll try to come up with our own Jedi names.  Mine would be Joan Vandriver.

What would your Jedi name be?  Are you (or your family) a Star Wars fan and which is your favorite movie?


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3 Responses to Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. Micha says:

    Good morning Joan Vandriver! We love Star Wars here, too, and may the fourth be with you as well! 🙂 Thanks for the pingback! I made your beans last night and man, oh man, they were good! I am going to do a post about the corn muffins I made to go along with them and link back to you for the bean recipe if that’s ok. Enjoy your fun night!

    • Link away, girl! So glad you made the beans and liked them! Yay! And corn muffins sound delish — for both the baked beans and your jambalaya recipe.

      I’m sangria-ing it today — your kiddie version and my adult version. Can’t wait to try it!!

  2. alenaslife says:

    Naturally we are big Star Wars geeks here. It’s the best childhood memory I have with my dad. I think we saw the original “Star Wars” (before it was A New Hope) 13 times at the Hillside movie theatre. Unfortunately the month of May has conspired against a family SW night – but the Force whill be with me anyway. And, in some good old Yoda-speak “May a good night you have.”

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