Weekend wrap-up: getting our Easter on

If you celebrate it, I hope you had a lovely Easter.  Did you rob your kids’ Easter baskets of the really good candy when they weren’t looking? (Of course.) Did you suffer through eating hard boiled eggs to set a good example for your children?  (Not on a bet.  I don’t eat hard boiled eggs.)

Here at Chez J, we have a few typical Easter traditions.

1.  “Decorating” the sugar cookies.  Okay, first, go look at how cute Michelle’s cookies are.  Adorable, no?  I may have mentioned to her that we are so far out of her Cookie League that we need another name for ours.  So Michelle… this picture is for you:

Definitely edible but adorable? Um....

Time to play “Guess Who Decorated the Cookie” with entries from my 8-year-old twins C and E, my husband S and me.  My older son M slathered his cookie with frosting and munched it down before I could even take a terrible picture with my phone, so he’s disqualified.  Any guesses?

Obviously, neatness is not exactly the top priority.  It’s all about how much frosting can you load on a cookie without tripping my “Whoa, that’s too much sugar for one person!” alarm.  It doesn’t trigger that often, but the kids have been known to cross that line.

2.  Dyeing the Easter eggs.  This year, I was going to make my own dye, but since my husband likes to take the lead on coloring the eggs, we went with the standard Paas kit.  It’s hard to beat the tradition of fizzy tablets, plastic cups, and that weird little hook thing.

Can you spot the egg with the rubber bands around it in the above picture? I did try Micha’s rubber-band technique — and the result was completely cool and amazing.  While E and M’s dyeing plans seemed a little impromptu, C had definite ideas about how he wanted to color his eggs.  He’s into flags of different countries, so he made a red-white-and-blue striped egg and a green-white-red striped egg.  He wanted to try to make a egg for Germany, but I told him I wasn’t sure how we were going to do black.  Tricky that.

3.  Finding the loot on a treasure hunt.  Around here, the Easter Bunny leaves a big basket of candy for all to share plus a treasure hunt for a couple of gifts.  This year, C woke up at 5:30 a.m. to scope out the basket for the first clue.  I dragged myself out of bed and told him to wait until everyone was up.  A quick half-hour later, everyone (including my almost teenager) was in the kitchen trying to shake loose any clues in the basket.  C took charge this year.

First clue!

Fortified by candy, he tore through the house with E trailing right behind.  M tends to hang back and help out with the clue logic.  We ran from the kitchen downstairs to the dollhouse to find candy and another clue…..

Ransacking the dollhouse for a clue

Leading us upstairs to the bookshelves where they found pens, more candy, and a clue….

Leading us downstairs to the piano bench for another clue and still more candy.  For the final step, they had to brave the depths of the storage room where they found the final present:  a bean bag toss game.  They wanted to run outside and set it up in the backyard, but since it was only 6:15 a.m., a chilly 40 degrees outside, and they still had on their pjs, I told them no.  (As a side note:  Neighbors?  You’re welcome.).   So they took matters into their own hands and tried it out downstairs.

4.  Eating way too much food.  We decided this year that the kids would be old enough to handle a brunch — the kind that’s a huge buffet and you have to balance your plate as you make your way through a crowd of people trying to get to the shrimp.  Yeah… all-you-can-eat brunch.  My husband likes this one with literally a ballroom full of food:

My kids love it (especially my oldest).  My husband loves it.  I’ll risk the ire of buffet-brunch-lovers everywhere and say that I’m not the biggest fan.  I get a little twitchy from sitting there for a while with all the people milling around, and I really hate that overstuffed feeling you get from eating too much which you are almost guaranteed to do when you are faced with a BALLROOM full of food.  But I’ll admit it IS fun to watch the kids act so grown up and discuss the pros and cons of the different foods they try.

The rest of the day we spent lounging around, playing Monopoly inside and then running outside to play the bean-bag toss game.  Low-key and awesome.  How was your weekend?


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8 Responses to Weekend wrap-up: getting our Easter on

  1. Michelle's Cookie-Cutter Blog says:

    I love your cookies Joan! They’re bursting with heart, each one of ’em! 🙂 Sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter. A ballroom of food, how could you not?! Also, very cool to see your kiddos acting grown-up. Time just flies!!

    • You are so kind about the cookies. It was such a riot — I turned my back to get a bit of coffee and the kids were off and smearing everything they could with frosting.

      So…here are the answers if you were playing our game: the top left one is mine (I went for a Jackson Pollack look — how did I do?). The white rabbit with the pink buck teeth is my daughter E’s (I love this cookie! It’s so very her!). The bottom left (the “brown” frosting-less bunny with the green glasses) is my husband’s (He thought the brown made for a more “manly” cookie). And the bottom right one is C, also a Jackson Pollack/heap-on-the-frosting fan.

      Time does just fly, doesn’t it? I hope the kids still want to make crazy cookies on Easter for a long, long time!!!

      • Michelle's Cookie-Cutter Blog says:

        Ha! I love your Jackson Pollack approach as well as your husband’s perspective on the manly cookie 🙂 Of course, the kids’ cookies are extra sweet (those are some great bunny teeth!). I, too, want to be making Easter cookies and acting like a silly goofball with the fam for as long as possible!! 🙂

  2. Micha says:

    The cookies are adorable. I love the treasure hunt idea too! We do an egg hunt outside with plastic eggs and if they both work together as a team without any fighting over the eggs (“He has more than I do!” Waahhh!) than they each get a small toy prize. Usually goes smoothly…haha

    • I’m thinking that the Easter Bunny definitely has a better plan for your house because an outside egg hunt can start LATER in the morning than an indoor treasure hunt (5:30 a.m. and no coffee. On a Sunday. Seriously?????). Love the “usually goes smoothly” part. Ha!

  3. alotonyourplate says:

    the sugar cookies were such a good idea!! love that.

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