Camp Mom now closed for the season

Well, they’ve packed up their backpacks and hit the buses.  Camp Mom for Spring Break is officially over.  Louie sums up my feelings perfectly:

I just went around and looked at the detritus of the kids’ break.  It’s not horrible — definitely not like the aftermath of Winter Break.  This time, there’s only a little Catan game here, a little Hunger Games and Harry Potter there.

True, I haven’t toured the kids’ rooms yet to see what surprises are lurking in the dim recesses.  And I’m not going to show you the laundry pile — it’s heartbreaking.

For the final days of Camp Mom, we kept the campers as busy as we could to try to outrun the bickering.  Here’s a shout-out to my husband who, on a dreary, rainy Friday, took the kids downtown to Chicago’s Field Museum.

M and C thought the mummies were cool; E just thought they were disgusting, especially when the skeletons were visible. S kept the kids moving through the museum, stopping for food when their energy flagged and the whining started.  They got home right before dinner — no one was hungry at all.

Later on, we had a movie night downstairs in our family room.  The twins had never seen Indiana Jones’ “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and S felt it was high time to rectify that situation.  M and C gave it a thumbs up; E felt there should have been less gore and more romance.  Of course.

On Saturday, our neighborhood held its annual Egg Hunt at our little park.  The twins were excited about getting candy — loads of candy — so they scored some dilapidated plastic grocery bags to bring home their haul.  C even stretched out before the start.

C (left, stretching) and E before the start of the Egg Hunt

They must have gathered something like 75 plastic eggs with all kinds of candy in them.  We take our candy very seriously here.

In the afternoon, we saw Mirror, Mirror at the movie theater.  No popcorn or movie candy necessary — the kids were too full from eating all the loot from earlier.  I think they enjoyed it — I know E liked it a lot — and I thought it was pretty cute.

Our final day of Camp Mom, I’m sorry to say, was fairly quiet, although the bicker-o-meter ratcheted up a few notches the closer to evening we got.  The kids played the Wii, ran Louie around outside and argued over who was cheating the most on the various board games set up around the house.  Very low-key, really.

So ends Camp Mom — Spring Break edition.  Join us again in a short two months for our Summer Camp — I’d better get brainstorming for new boredom-busters to keep in my arsenal.  At least the pool will be open….


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8 Responses to Camp Mom now closed for the season

  1. Michelle's Cookie-Cutter Blog says:

    You all made it! Woo! Plus, you ended with an easter egg hunt. That gets bonus points even if you didn’t plan it yourself. Well done! 🙂

    • I love the egg hunt; it’s just so cute to see all the kids come out and scramble for the candy. I’m on the board of our neighborhood’s homeowners’ association, so I get to help hide the eggs. We have zones for the different age ranges (0-3 in one area; 4-7 in another; 7+ in yet another area), so the big kids don’t trample the little ones and whisk away all the eggs. We also have a visit from the Easter Bunny who brings little toys in a basket to hand out. It’s really cute and the kids (and me!) look forward to it every year.

  2. You know, of all of the things to find scattered about – books and strategy games seem like a good thing. I’ve had to worry about the scissors mine has been leaving on the floor after finishing her art projects. Although, she starts Spring break today, and is spending most of it with my parents in Wisconsin. *phew*

    • Oh, the containment of the scissors! I have no idea where my daughter’s pair ends up half the time — once I found them in her bed. I’ve actually thought of tethering mine to the wall in the kitchen…. 🙂

      I’m pretty much okay with books, board games and Legos scattered out… for a while. And then I kind of lose it and demand that everything get put away so I can see the floor, table, etc.

      Hope your daughter has a great break — and you do too!

  3. alenamurguia says:

    You must be so relieved. I’m just gearing up for 11 days of, “Mom, I’m bored.” “Mom, he gave me a mean look.” “Mom….”
    Two things I did last summer that worked well, as you prepare.
    Free Pick Friday — at the beginning of the year we filled a can with popsicle sticks. We all wrote down ideas on the sticks for day-trips or even at home activities. Each Friday morning, we took turns picking a stick and that’s what we did on Fridays. (I admit having to cheat a couple times — but my boys got excited about it.)
    Tuesday Library Day — we went to the library for at least one hour every Tuesday. I would bring a book. The boys exchanged their books for a new week’s worth of reading and then we hung out. My library has a Wii and lots of summer programming, coloring sheets, projects. It worked out great and kept them reading all summer.

  4. Micha says:

    Enjoy your peace and quiet Mom! Our spring break was supposed to be this week but the teachers went on strike a couple months ago and the kids are paying for it now. They only get off Thursday and Friday – good for me, not so good for them. :/

    • I’ll bet there’s a lot of grumbling in your house! My kids are off again on Friday for an In-Service Day (but really, it’s for Good Friday). I reminded them of that when we had the usual lamentations about how awful it is that Spring Break is over, etc.

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