Everything about these past few days seems a bit convoluted. We’ve missed spring entirely and launched into the lazy, hazy days of summer.  All this premature warmth means that the inside of my house is sweltering.  Not fantastic knitting or cooking weather.  Louie harrumphs and sighs a lot before he wilts on his dog bed next to me.

Too hot to play

I’ve wrestled with my Brambles for a bit.  It didn’t increase much, but it did get a little damp from the humidity.  As much as I want this hat, I just can’t seem to sit down to make it right now.  See?  Convoluted.

Slightly damp Brambles

Frustrated, I dove into the stash, thinking I might cast on for some plain old socks.  Plain socks on DPNs soothe my poor hands and mind because I can zone out, let my hands remember how to keep the stitches moving along until I have a sock.

I found this:

Presto! Solemate to the rescue!

The perfect remedy for knitting in the heat.  It’s Solemate from Lorna’s Laces in the Irving Park color way.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, Solemate is that most magical of all yarns that is supposed to adjust to your body temperature through some NASA technology.  And the bonus — it’s beautiful.  I love those pinks. All of the yarn from Lorna’s Laces is gorgeous and their yarn base seems to hold up really well to all the abuse my family’s feet put the socks through.

We’re supposed to slide back into more spring-like temperatures over the next week.  Just in time for the kids to be home on spring break.


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