Knit up, knit down

I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  It was gorgeous, sunny, warm here in Chicagoland, which is everything that it never is on St. Pat’s Day usually.  The norm around here for March 17th is freezing rain with temps falling from the 30s to the “I-forget-why-I-thought-I-wanted-to-watch-the-parade-live” range with a touch of “I-can’t-feel-my-extremities.”

This year, a completely different story.  A St. Patrick’s Day miracle.

That’s the view of my backyard.  The kids decided to break out the volleyball/badminton net and bash some beach balls over it for a while, and why not?  It was a beautiful 80 degrees outside.  Note the green grass.  Green!  In March.  In Chicago.  Wild.

So since we had record-breaking high temperatures this weekend, I immediately cast on for my winter hat as insurance against a freak blizzard or 50-degree drop.  And because I really wanted to knit a Brambles for me.

I started with a provisional crochet cast-on (which is rapidly becoming my favorite way to cast on for every single thing I knit).  I knit about 12 rows in 1×1 ribbing with a size 4 needle and then stuck the end caps on my wire (KnitPicks interchangeables), hooked up another set and 4s and knit “down” the other way to make the facing for the band.  I purled one row as a folding line between the outside of the hat and the facing.  Then I knit 2 more rows in the main color, so that when I’m wearing the hat, you won’t be able to see the facing color peeking out.  Then I switched to a softer, light blue yarn (I think it’s KnitPicks Swish — but it’s from the stash and I’ve lost the ball band.  All bets are off.) and knit another 10 rows.  And it looked like this:

Knitting upside down

Folding the piece in half on the purl row, I matched up the knitting.  I reconnected my 4s to the left ends of both circular wires and made sure that the right ends of both circs were capped.

Folding the facing behind the band

Tricky part. Cue the distractions.

I picked up yet another size 4 needle and began a three-needle circus to knit closed the facing to the hat.  Usually while I’m trying to wrestle three unwieldy circular needles, someone will do one of the following:

  1. Ask me for the 70th time what we are eating for dinner.
  2. Complain about their siblings’ trespassing in their rooms/cheating at a game/making faces/being mean.
  3. Tell me that, although they aren’t sure, they think the puppy is eating an enormous, scary-looking bug.  Or wood chip.  Or gym sock.
  4. All of the above.

If this also happens to you, do what I do:  soldier on.  Don’t lose focus and don’t drop the needles (unless it really is an emergency… you know what I mean) and you will be rewarded with this:

Voila. Finished facing (view from inside the circular needles).

Just as you can see the dark blue yarn on the inside facing, you can see the little bits of light blue yarn on the right side of the hat.  That was a conscious decision I made, knowing the light blue would be visible on the finished product because TechKnitter said so.  I kind of like the effect.

Then I started the main body chart of the pattern.  I’m putting it down to the heat and distractions of the beautiful weekend, but I didn’t get terribly far.

Minimal progress, but aren't the stitch markers pretty?

Those stitch markers I got from Poor Miss Finch several years ago just for leaving a comment on her blog.  They are by far the prettiest stitch markers I have and I love them.  E does too.  When I was knitting her hat, she thought it was going to have “jewelry” on it because of the stitch markers.  She was a little disappointed when she found out I’d be keeping them.


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2 Responses to Knit up, knit down

  1. Color combo looks good! I didn’t know you were in Chicago! We just got out the motorcycle and have been doing the cruise down 55 over to 94 and back up to Evanston. Fantastic weather!!

    • Hey fellow Chicagoan! Isn’t this weather unbelievable? Do you ever remember NOT being freezing cold on St. Patty’s Day, ever? I can’t.

      It’s perfect motorcycle weather too — hope you had a blast. The kids actually asked when the pool would open — it’s kind of hard to say “2 1/2 months from now”.

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