Knitting a memory

E’s purple hat is just one of the hats I knit from the souvenir yarn I bought on our vacation last summer.  We were heading to Maine, and we were going the scenic way — up through upstate New York, across Vermont and New Hampshire. My husband mapped out that route because he knew I’d want to see this:

We stopped in over the July 4th weekend and they gave us a tour of the spinnery.  We saw how they made fleece into yarn and it was amazing.

As a little memento of the day, everyone picked out a skein of yarn that I would knit into a hat of his/her choice.  M chose a bright blue yarn and wanted this hat:

M's hat

Slightly darker lining

I lined it with some soft merino dk yarn (Swish from KnitPicks) that I had on hand, because I wanted to make it extra warm.

(Not that we’ve really needed any super warm lined hats this winter, but I’m sure we will next year!)


Facing for the band

With his hat down, I worked on E’s hat (Brambles from Knitty 2010) in the dark purple.  And the yarn was perfect for this hat; it holds that stitch definition so well.

I lined only the band of her hat, using directions from Techknitter.  As an aside, don’t you just love the Interwebs for tips and tricks on how to make your knitting better?  Amazing.

C's yellow hat

You can really see the contrasting liner

C’s hat was up next.  He’s a huge fan of the color yellow and immediately picked the brightest yellow yarn he could find.  He originally wanted a helmet liner so he could keep extra warm.  I thought the spinnery yarn was a bit too scratchy for that, so he chose the same hat as M.  I lined it with the same yarn as M’s too.

I’d show you my darling husband S’s hat, but he, er, misplaced it.  I’m hoping I have enough yarn left from all of our hats to make him a striped one.  That way he’ll also have a souvenir hat too.

You can see the potential, right?

Here’s my yarn.  You’ll note it’s not a hat yet.  I’m planning on making a Brambles just like E’s, because I love how hers turned out.  I’m going to put this one up in the queue next.

At least, that’s my plan.  I’ll probably change my mind a few more times….

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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2 Responses to Knitting a memory

  1. Virginia Trimbach says:

    Is E’s hat REALLY difficult for a beginning knitter? Looks interesting but I don’t have a lot of experience knitting. Also, could I get the right kind of yarn at a local fabric store or do I need a special yarn?

    • The only tricky part to E’s hat is that there are some short cables along the bottom. Otherwise, the pattern includes two charts so you’d have to follow those. I printed both charts out, used E’s colored pencils to color-code the chart and then went off to the races.

      As for the yarn, I think any worsted weight yarn would do. I say, go for it!!!

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