The kids love them some games.  Even though we have a Wii, we do limit their time on it to a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday (aka, the “Wii-kend”) because I worry about them getting sucked into a virtual void and never coming out the other side. And when they’ve exhausted their video game time, they crack into the board games.

Parcheesi, anyone?

Route 66 board game

This past weekend the kids probably played about 6 different games (and played each one multiple times).  Every time I walked by with another load of laundry to fold, they had a new game going on.  Upstairs on the dining room table you could find Parcheesi, poker, Labyrinth, Apples to Apples, and a new one — Route 66.

Stealth shot of C's world strategy

Downstairs on the air hockey/Lego-building table, the kids spread out Risk.  The boys are big fans of any game where you can take over the world and make your brothers/sister/dad crazy. (Note:  I don’t play Risk — I knit instead and serve as the World Court where complaints about cheating are resolved). When M got tired of playing, C would start all over on his own with invisible opponents.  C is definitely into world domination.  I think E was trying to lasso the Lego dragon with yarn….

Don't look at my score.

We also have “Eternal Yahtzee” happening on the ottoman in the living room, thanks to the inspiration from Susan B. Anderson’s blog.  I think we started it in right before Christmas, and every once in a while, you’ll hear the crash of the dice on the table and (occasionally) the whoop of getting a yahtzee.  We’re thinking about setting up an “Eternal Boggle” game as well.  Might need a couple more tables though….


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2 Responses to Gamers

  1. King_Bonobo says:

    Looking at the Risk board, some advice: Never start a land war in Asia.

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