Sure sign of spring

I’m sure spring is right around the corner because all I want to do these days is knit warm winter gear. To that end…

Stick a fork in it, it’s done.  E’s Malabrigo Neck Thingie is officially off the needles and on her.

Project details:  I used Malabrigo Chunky in the jacinto color way.  I didn’t even get a chance to swish it, block it and let it dry. E grabbed it and put it on. I did convince her not to wear it while she slept, but she wanted to have it right next to her bed. She wears it all day and keeps burying her nose into it.

I’m so not complaining.  Cowls don’t really need to be blocked, do they?

E has gotten more than her share of knits this winter. I knit her deep purple hat (Brambles from Knitty) in the fall right before it got cold. I love to knit for her because she gets so excited about these projects and she wears them. Enthusiasm = more knitting. I could start some socks for one of the boys, but honestly… I think I’ll try to find a cute headband pattern for E. With spring approaching, she’s going to want to have a fun alternative to her hat.

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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2 Responses to Sure sign of spring

  1. nice cowl, she’ll stay so warm!

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