I’m not sure which is worse:  trying to get my kids to brush their teeth for a length of time that will actually remove the plaque or trying to get my kids to clean up after brushing their teeth.  It’s a toss up really.

I bought an “easy pump, no mess” toothpaste for the twins.  This is what they’ve done to it:


Seriously, it’s as though they were shooting silly string out of the container.  Based on a sample size of 2 kids, I’m going to give the pump design a big ol’ thumbs down on the “no mess” criteria.  Don’t feel bad for it. It scores really high on the “so easy to use, I can waste a ton of it decorating the sink,” category.  And bonus points for making toothpaste that doesn’t come off easily once it’s dried and affixed itself permanently to the sink.

I know there’s not a lot that people agree on these days, but making a better toothpaste tube for kids?  That’s a no brainer.


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