Is there anything better for mom than being asked by your child to teach her one of your favorite hobbies?  I think not.

When my daughter E was 4, she desperately wanted her own scarf. She didn’t just want to pick one out at the store — she wanted to make her own. So she chose some bright multicolored yarn, I found some kid-sized knitting needles and we were off. We were knitting buddies.

Knitting takes practice, perseverance and patience — qualities not often found in preschoolers who really really really want their scarves done now. I taught her the basics of the knit stitch and then promised to “help” her make her scarf.  So she knit for a while until her hands got tired and she itched to play. Then I’d take it up and knit frantically on it while she wasn’t looking, trying to add on at least a couple of inches so she could see the progress.  Eventually, we made this garter stitch scarf:

She kind of forgot about knitting after that.  She had her scarf, after all, and the call of playing with her friends and brothers was too hard to ignore.

After we adopted Louie, she decided that she needed to knit him a little doggie sweater to help him bear the cold windy days.  We marched right out and bought this bright red cotton yarn, and she implored me to remind her how to knit again.  So we’re back — knitting buddies once more.


This time, she’s not knitting for herself; she’s knitting for someone else. It’s taking some time because she wants it to be perfect, and that’s okay with me. As we chat and knit together on the couch, I wish I could stretch the minutes out, freezing time to save these moments.


About thethingaboutjoan

Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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