And the winner is…

Last night was the Academy Awards, and even though I think we’ve seen maybe 2 of the movies up for Best Picture,* I had to watch the whole thing. The kids stayed up for a while, doing their usual magic act when we watch TV — i.e., disappearing from the room as they lose interest and reappearing when they hear something different happening (in this case when Cirque du Soleil performed).

The big winner of the night, at least in our house, was my daughter, E.  I was looking for something new to knit during the show and managed to find one skein of Malabrigo chunky that she had claimed during a yarn run to Knitche. The girl loves her some scarves, but sometimes the ends get in her way. Enter the simply perfect Malabrigo Neck Thingie.

It’s a simple, elegant pattern, and it’s perfect for showing off the squishiness of the yarn.  By the way, that’s how much of a cowl one can wind, cast on and knit during the Awards show, if one is not a particularly quick knitter and one has to fight a young puppy from chewing on the yarn cake. It’s terribly soft and way more of an electric lavender than the bright blue of the picture. Much like a black puppy, that shade of lavender is really hard to photograph.

So E will get this prize, but I do have some other Malabrigo in a pretty blue to make my own cowl.  And I’ll get right on that… someday. In the meantime, what knitter can resist the siren song of “Mom, can you knit me one of these?”

*I do have one little beef with the Academy — why is it that the Harry Potter series didn’t get any Oscars? Nothing for costume or cinematography or anything. Not one. How can that be? It breaks my sad Muggle heart.

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