Since Louie joined our family, I’ve had to face some facts:

  • My carpet can soak up more puppy pee than a sponge, AND it can somehow hide the spot until I kneel in it.
  • My baseboards harbor a warren* of dust bunnies. I know this because Louie likes to snuffle along the wall, his little black face collecting the little bits of gray and white fluff. And sometimes he eats them. Sigh.
  • You could plant a garden in the dirt on my foyer floor.

It’s not surprising.  With 3 kids and now a puppy all tracking in, the floor is out of control. I’m cleaning daily with this:

My weapons

Yep, an old swiffer, a re-usable cleaning cloth, and a homemade concoction in an old spray bottle. My homemade floor cleaner relies on the fabulous cleaning power of good old white vinegar plus a spot of lavender distilled water to help with the smell.

Though I love the swiffer, I’ve never been wild about paying for and throwing away all those disposable pads. Enter the knitters to save the day. Birdy Evans wrote up this quick pattern (Ravelry link) and it’s well-written, easy and free. I know other folks have made re-usable cloths out of everything from old diapers to old tube socks, but I like this pattern because it creates little “nubs” that seem to trap the dirt rather than smear it around. Case in point:


It’s such a great pattern that I’m starting yet another one. This time I finally got smart and decided to go with peachy-earthy colors so I don’t have to witness the filth I’m mopping up.

Yeah, I’ve only got that teeny little bit of yarn left for another 10 rows.  I’m praying for a knitting miracle…

*Had to google what a group of bunnies is called.  Did you know it was a warren? It doesn’t sound right.  I thought it should be a “clutch” or something like that…

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Mom of three who knits a little, bakes a lot, crafts a bit and blogs about it all.
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